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Walking into a good bookstore feels like being out of time.

We’re not talking about giant booksellers; we’re talking about small stores full of character and charm. The kind of place that feels magical, like you never know what you’ll find around the next corner. Author and bibliophile Melissa Caruso recently visited one such store, and she’s been taking us for a ride through her Twitter account.

Welcome to the Lyrical Ballads Bookstore in Saratoga Springs, New York. Melissa writes fantasy novels herself, including a trilogy in which a character tries to find a rare book. She loves exploring new stores, so when her daughter told her about Lyrical Ballads, she couldn’t wait to check it out.

To say this store exceeded her expectations would be an understatement!

As soon as she walked in, Melissa was delighted to discover a “book maze”.

“You walk into a bookstore and at first it looks like there are only two study rooms,” Melissa wrote. “Regular used bookstore. Cool! Also vintage prints and [curios] Hide in any open place. charming. The feeling of warmth and happiness is already there. As with most magical things, miracles await those who look closely. “

Melissa loves the little details hidden in stacks of books, from tiny miniature books to rare children’s books. There’s even a library to bring curious book lovers into the store, with the promise of six more rooms filled with books of all shapes, sizes, colors and genres.

“This is when you realize you’re going to be here for a long time,” Melissa wrote.

As she meanders through the maze of rooms, Melissa marvels at the sheer number of books in the store. She can’t count the rooms she passes through (there must be more than six), and she begins to feel like she’s in a “Harry Potter” building where the outside doesn’t match the spacious interior.

“When you explore, you browse, of course,” she continue“Some books are newer. Some are your favorite paperbacks from childhood. Others are 100 years old or older and just sit on the shelf. You can pick them up, handle them, inhale them.”

Melissa is happy to report that Lyrical Ballads Bookstore’s books are well organized and easy to find. She gushed through books from more than 100 years ago, drooled over the 200-year-old, four-volume Canterbury Tales, and finally settled on the 1883 edition of Grey’s Elegy.

She shudders when she discovers a secret lurks in her choice of books.

“Someone put these bookmarks there 130 years ago, and they’re still there, and time kind of stands still,” she said. describe“It was surprisingly inexpensive, so we bought it. But first, we moved on and ended up finding what could be the last room.”

Just as she was nearing the end of the stack, she wondered if the store really had an end. Maybe it just continues into some magical dimension? Maybe Melissa’s lyrical ballad journey inspired her next fantasy novel! You never know what magic you might find when you walk into a bookstore.

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